CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department,
Cleveland, OH
Master of Science, major Computer Science, Dec. 2015
GPA: 4.0/4.0

  • Graduate Research Assistantship, Spring, 2014
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Fall, 2013
  • Core Courses: Cloud Computing and Data Science, Discrete Mathematics, Machine Learning, Web Data Mining

SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Bachelor of Science, major Information Science, Jun. 2012
GPA: 3.2/4.0

  • Core Courses: Programming and Algorithmic Language, Data Structure


Dec. 2013- Present
Graduate Research Assistant – Energy CRADLE project
Solar Durability and Lifetime Extension Lab, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

  • Worked on a Hadoop project, which runs MapReduce to process various global solar energy data, and leverages HBase to provide fast query.
  • Managed Hadoop cluster and user virtual machines (Ubuntu), provided technical support, like remote login, networking issue, packages management, etc.
  • Deployed Nagios to provide monitoring service for both solar energy data acquisitions and Ubuntu machines. Achieved reduction of data loss by in time reaction to failing data acquisition jobs, notified by Nagios.
  • Developed Python scripts for various data acquisitions. Methods include web automation, connection with FTP, RESTful server and RDBMS.
  • Project website:

Jan. 2014 – Aug. 2014
Department of Dermatology, University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH

  • Managed four websites based on plain HTML5/CSS3 or Drupal. Work included managing Drupal CMS, build- ing and designing new website, and providing Google Search Engine Optimization solution.

Sep.2013 – Dec. 2013
EECS Department, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Teaching Assistant of Compiler Design

  • Strengthened students’ understanding of lexical analysis, regular expressions, GCC compiler, etc.


  • Python, C++, Shell Script, Ubuntu (proficient)
  • Hadoop, HBase, MySQL, jQuery (intermediate)
  • Git, LaTex, Mac OS X, Dreamweaver, Drupal, WordPress, PhotoShop


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